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Available for all skill levels and are a great option for those looking to progress or refine skills quickly.


Personalized Experience

Private lessons are ideal for students who learn better with individual attention,

including anxious first-time swimmers, adults who have put off learning to swim, and competitive swimmers who would benefit from targeted training on specific skill sets.

1-on-1 or Semi Private Lessons

Private lessons are 30 minutes long and pair one swimmer with one instructor.

Semi-private lessons last 40 minutes, but two or three swimmers can join the same lesson, which makes these lessons a wonderful fit for siblings or friends who want to swim together.

Book your class

If you’re wondering which type of class would be the best fit for your kiddos needs and goals, we encourage you to contact us via phone or email.

WhatsApp: (246) 249-4807 • Email:


Take The Plunge is a learn-to-swim and performance-based swim school. Learning to swim is one of the few childhood activities that could actually save your child’s life.

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