Krystle Lynch

Krystle Lynch - Swim Coach

Hi, my name is Krystle and I’m a swim coach with Take the Plunge. I am a Level 2 American Swim Coaches Association coach, and qualified in CPR and pool safety.

I’m 33 years old and I was born in Barbados on December 14th, 1987. I have one child – a son who is 13 years old.

Krystle Lynch - Swim Coach

I began swimming at 4 years old with Pirates Learn to Swim under Madelaine Mercure and my mother, Isabel King. I excelled quickly and soon found myself in the ‘big pool’ swimming competitively. In no time, year after year, I was awarded the title of ‘age group champion’ and even went on to break several national and school records.

Throughout my competitive years, I trained with two top coaches: David Farmer and Abdul Sharif. I swam alongside many elite swimmers, to name a few: Bradley Ally, Martin and Ryan Forde, Natalie Ferdinand, Sean Dehere, Shawn and Shontelle Clarke.

I was very dedicated to my sport. I swam 5 days a week – oftentimes, attending morning and evening practice. Land training was also a big part of our daily routine… this was not easy, let’s just say there were many tears over the years.

Although swimming is an ‘individual’ sport, being part of a club (for me) was like being part of a family. I spent a big portion of my day, every day, with my swim friends.

My mother, Isabel King and step father, Geoffrey King are well known Masters swimmers and coaches… they, of course, trained and swam with me many times over the years.

I began coaching at 16 years old with Stingrays Swim Club under Anne-Marie and Mark Worme.

Over the years, I taught with: Pirates Learn to Swim under Madelaine Mercure and Sports on the Move under Sonia Perkins. I’m also actively coaching with Pirates Little Treasures and aside from this, a great portion of my time is dedicated to teaching private classes.

All of these have been excellent opportunities and learning experiences for me and I’ve enjoyed them tremendously.

These days, I coach WAY more than I swim. Teaching is a very rewarding career… I LOVE to see my swimmers advancing and more importantly, having fun while they learn. Actually, my love for teaching kids is the main reason I started Take the Plunge. I oftentimes find myself coming home after a long and fulfilling day at the pool and my mind is still on ‘my kids,’ thinking of all the ways I could help improve their ‘problem areas’ without stripping their class of playtime and some laughs.

Coach Krystle teaching a private residence class

I plan to begin swimming more frequently as I’ve been feeling excited about my sport again and with summer right around the corner, I look forward to a warm pool.

So with all that said, what are my goals for the future?
I’m enthusiastic about what I do and I hope to experience many more satisfying years of mentoring new and upcoming swimmers while helping them reach their full potential.

Isabel King

Isabel King - Swim Coach

Hi, my name is Romelia Isabel King and I’m a swim coach with Take the Plunge. I am a Level 2 American Swim Coaches Association coach, and qualified in CPR and pool safety.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela on December 4th, 1960 and I came to Barbados when I was 16 years old to study English. This was an exciting time in my life as you can imagine!

Isabel & Geoffrey King - Swim Coaches

After two years in Barbados, I met my first husband and we were married and had 3 children; 2 girls and 1 boy. My youngest daughter Krystle, was a champion swimmer and has held national and school records until very recently. My other two children were also swimmers.

I got involved in the sport of swimming over 30 years ago. My first ‘learn to swim’ experience as an instructor was with a very special person who is no longer with us, Madelaine Mercure. Madelaine was a very close friend and her guidance has put me where I am today in life. What she did for the children of Barbados will always be remembered by those whose lives she touched.

I worked with Pirates Learn to Swim for more than 20 years and now with Pirates Little Treasures and Take the Plunge. I also teach private classes.

Many of the kids who have passed through my hands have gone on to represent Barbados in swimming. Some of the names that come to mind are: Tristan Pragnell, Sean Dehere, Krystle Lynch, Chantal Delieu, Marianne Ferguson, Mika and Ilona Loustric.

My husband, Geoffrey King, is a well known Masters swimmer who has been involved in swimming for more than 55 years and coaching for more than 15 years. We have one daughter together, Krisanne.

I’ve had so many wonderful swimming experiences over the years…
too many adventures to recall in this short moment. However, one thing is constant, watching my swimmers grow
and cheering them on as they advance has been (and continues to be) a great journey for me!